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Lynne was my teacher while I attended the graduate creative writing program at FIU.  She was also one of my two thesis advisors, the other one being the also talented, also writer extraordinaire Dan Wakefield.  All of my teachers both at the Iowa Workshop and at FIU were excellent: I’ve been quite lucky about that.

But there is something special about Lynne Barrett, a shrewd


This interview is about Lynne Barrett’s latest book, Magpies, but it’s also about her writing life, about the dominant themes in her stories, the obsessions that turn into literature, the observations about life and living that amuse and inspire her, and many other things.  Lynne Barrett’s plot classes are often standing room only: she is likely one of the best teachers of fiction today.

She’s also perhaps one of the best kept secrets in  literature, a writer who many giants of literature praise and admire, a true writer’s writer, a talent who will hopefully bless us with many more literary jewels for years to come.  She has written three collection of short stories: Magpies, The Secret Names of Women, and The Land of Go and her work appears in almost every venerable literary journal and online publication out there today. Magpies was a gold medal winner for the Florida Book Awards, as author Steve Almond rightly praised, it is a “stone cold triumph.”

Catch her pearls of wisdom on this interview, then go read her work.  Go, go, go…..

The Book Slut Interview With Lynne Barrett

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