Susanna Daniels Interview published by Fiction Writers’ Review

A Texture the Facts Can’t Convey: An Interview with Susanna Daniel

BY LAURA VALERI – reprinted from Fiction Writers Review


Susanna Daniel about her debut novel, Stiltsville(HarperCollins, 2010). A fictional memoir about the span of a long marriage, this book is set in the real neighborhood of Stiltsville, which is built of stilt houses over the ocean on the periphery of Miami. The novel was voted one of Amazon’s Best (August 2010), was chosen as a Barnes and Noble Discover Pick, and has received wide critical praise. Daniel’s short fiction has been anthologized in Best New American Voicesand published in One Story, Epoch, the Madison Review,

In the following conversation, Daniel shares her insights on the process of writing, the power of quiet stories—which she terms eminently readable—and the perseverance and faith that writers must nurture for their own work.

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