My Streamed Series Recommendations - New Series, Summer 2020

If you have time on your hand, or, like me, you love a good story, chances are you are looking for some good drama or adventure to watch to unwind.

I watch quite a few, both to keep up with my teaching and to get my fill of good storytelling. Lately, I've seen a lot of posts on social media asking for recommendations, so I thought I would give some of mine.

Upload - Sci-Fi, Comedy, Romance, Mystery

on Amazon Prime

A quirky sci-fi comedy romance about people in the future able to upload their souls to digital heaven. It comes at a price, of course, and relentless sales pitches for upgrades and special offers. Who knew heaven could be so expensive? The main storyline features a bit of a romance and a bit of a mystery. It's a fast first season and it will feel like it went all too quickly when you get to the end.

Motherland: Fort Salem - Drama, Supernatural

On Freeform and on Hulu

It's an unfortunate title for a perfectly well-written series about witches in the military in an alternate US. I know. It sounds silly, but it's actually a really engaging, sexy, and fast-paced show. Three witches in with-military Bootcamp discover their powers, experiment with their sexuality, uncover the complexities of their world, grow up, and so much more. If you like the supernatural and YA, this is definitely the series to watch. The first season was a binge. I can't wait for next season. Only downside: a bit violent and sometimes graphic.

The Politician - Satire, Political Comedy-Drama

on Netflix

This super-cynical, ridiculously dysfunctional political comedy follows uber ambitious and uber-rich seniors through their prep-school's presidential campaign. The stakes? Harvard, and the path to true presidencies. It's funny and morbid and somewhat too real for comfort in spite of its over the top pitch and tone. Beautiful cinematography and set design. It very much has an overall Wes Anderson feel. (Somehow this show is already on Season 2. It's therefore not 'new, new" but it's new for me. And how ever did I miss it?)

Space Force - Comedy, Satire, Family

on Netflix

Created by Steve Carell and Greg Daniels and starring Steve Carell and John Malcovich. This one is about a four-star general serving in a Trump-like administration blessed with being put in charge of a fifth military branch of the government: Space Force. It's a fine, good-hearted comedy that enjoys poking fun at China-US relations and maybe all too often makes not so veiled references to our current administration. I've always admired Malcovich's acting, especially since Dangerous Liaisons and Being John Malcovich. He has a perfect delivery of every line and is just a pleasure to watch. Carell is, of course, always the brilliant Carell. If the series lacks in drama and if its jokes are sometimes too obvious, it makes up for all that with charm and great acting.

These are my recommendations, and I will have more in future blogs, in different categories.

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