Mermaids Who Create Retreat: Part 3, Wherein Laura Gets to Ride Her Bike On The Beach


I took a bunch of photos of the art and knick knacks in the Shrimp Cottage so I would remember for when I continue and hopefully finish my story about Duke and Ellie who come to Tybee from New York to catch a respite from the cold and the craziness of their jobs.


In terms of days, we couldn’t have gotten luckier.  Here is beach art I almost accidentally erased. Can you see the sailboat and the sun? The happy waves?


Here are some pictures of the fun stuff happening on the cottage:

This happy fish pinata sat on top of the refrigerator.


Look at the happy smile on the goldfish. So funny and so cute.


This chips and salsa bowl set was my favorite. The hot tub salsa bowl is a howl, but the details on the chips bowl!  Can you see the little grill with sausages on top? The flamingo? The mat? Too cute!


Ready for the beach with board and sand castle-making accoutrements.


Back at the cottage, the barstools and Laura taking a sly selfie through the mirror.


The twin room that inspired a scene in my story.


Someone’s rendition of the cottage:


The famous screened in porch.


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