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by Susanna Ives

I should preface that my husband is a Viking. The other day, I was watching a special on Vikings. It seems the first waves were the famed pillaging raider types, however many years later, the more peaceful merchant Vikings appeared and set up trade around the globe. My husband is of the merchant variety. Just last night he was recounting all the exotic places he had to visit in the coming months. He tells me a Viking is never happy unless he is somewhere else.

My husband and I were friends for many years before we admitted that we loved each other. We were still in the friends stage when he gave me the lovely silk painting in the center of the picture. I think it was on this trip that he flew over the international dateline and celebrated his birthday twice. Then he travelled again and came back with the gold box made in Kashmir. (Although he didn’t travel to Kashmir, so I’m puzzled as to where he picked it up.)

Later, we progressed into a romantic couple, and I received the large wooden box from Malaysia, then the shiny black box from Japan, followed by the tiny brown box from Indonesia. Then I told him that I didn’t need any more boxes and we switched to jewelry.

What was your first gift from a significant other? Link up your blog using the instructions below and hop on.

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