Film Essays About Film

Here are three really cool film essays about film from a Vimeo channel called Kogonada

I selected three that I really liked, but if you’re a video buff, you’ll probably spend some time checking out all the good stuff.

Here are my picks:

An interesting visual essay on two directors’ perspectives: DeSica and Selznick, one indulgent with visual narrative, the other following in the dominant Hollywood tradition of adhering closely to the plot.  Here is the article that explains it in Sight & Sound Magazine.

Offers visual details of Kubrick’s camerawork in what is called One-point perspective. Gorgeous and instructive.

This last one is on mirroring passageways in the cinema of Ozu.  Makes a beautiful impression on the art of directing.

Thanks Kogonada and Sights & Sound for these gorgeous film essays. I’m a fan.

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