Bully See, Bully Do


If CNN has its finger on the pulse of adult America, then it must be that America no longer has a pulse, at least not when it comes to its idea of itself.   Can it be that America really blames its teachers and legislators for the lack of tolerance populating American high schools?

Didn’t we all just recently witnessed a bunch of adults booing and hooting an American Iraq war veteran who confessed his sexual orientation?

Didn’t anyone witness the clapping and roaring when Rick Perry announced that he had no crisis of conscience regarding his noted highest record of executions of any governor in Texas?

Did we already forget that Evangelist Pat Robertson declared that the New Orleans flood and consequent devastation of that city was caused by the sexual orientation of its sinful citizens?

Didn’t we today hear an evangelist declare that Mormonism is a cult? Do we not support celebrities like Sarah Palin, who thinks that the problem with America is that its politicians need to “man up”?

Aren’t there myriads of apologists in the Tea Party and in Congress who justify the spitting upon, beating, harassing and name-calling of congressmen and senators?

Doesn’t Rush Limbaugh nod cautious approval for Anti-Abortionist who burst into churches and fire their Constitutionally-protected rifles and guns on doctors, their children, and on innocent bystanders? Didn’t we all hear him call Obama’s pre-teen daughters dumb?

Where do you really think that your children are learning intolerance?

America, do you know who you are?

How do you think our children learned that the dominant dog is the one who has the biggest weapons? That the one who shouts the loudest is the one who dominates?

Addendum to the post Oct 28

More examples of widespread, well-advertised natural-killer adult bullying:

Tea Party Sign – subtle, yeah, that’s democracy for you:

This guy returned safely from Iraq, but could not survive unscathed Oakland CA:

And here is the icing on the cake, a Tea Partier calling it as he sees it, using the n-word on those n-word people and saying he’s sick and tired of being called a racist.  Ok. You’re not a racist. You’re not a bully either.  Just a good ole American Constitution supporter. Yep. Click on the video link and enjoy.

Where, I wonder, oh, where are our children learning that bullying is the way to get ahead in this world?

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